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LED light box light bar, site boxes SMD 3030 led strip light power£¨PILEDS£©

2016/1/8 15:06:47

LED light box light bar, site boxes SMD 3030 led strip light power£¨PILEDS£©

LED type: 1W3030 patch
Number of light sources: 12
Lumen: 1300-1500LM
Waterproof mode: silicone potting
Source life: 50000H
Protection: IP67
Lighting mode: Plane luminous
Beam angle: 180 ¡æ
Working mode: Constant
Power: 12W
Input voltage: DC24V
Adapt to the environment temperature: -30 ¡æ -55 ¡æ

Practical case
¡ò various types of advertising light boxes
¡ò indoor and outdoor advertising display backlight
¡ò marks, logos
¡ò shaped, modification of the built-in light fixture
Indoor and outdoor decoration ¡ò walls, top, floor, glass and other building body lighting
Product Analysis
LED light bar series lens is a beam of light Lighting Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City's own design and production of a single white box light bar. High brightness 2835LED do light source, pure color, no spots, mixing light effect, light angle, light uniformity; shell is made of high-grade 6030 aluminum heat, corrosion resistance strong, transparent silicone sealant, waterproof performance is very good; protection grade up to IP67, complete outdoor lighting installation will meet the standard, low-voltage power supply, safe and reliable, harmless, do not give to install and use dangerous; with a mounting clip for easy installation; no member fragile, convenient transport and use. Its widely used three-dimensional letters, signs, logos, light boxes, landscape layout and other occasions.
1, long life, up to 50,000 hours or more ultra-low power, each only 12 watts (W) 2, light from the ultra-bright 1W3030LED composition using human safety voltage 24 V DC power supply 3, the protection level can reach IP67 4, easy to install, simple 5, in line with CE ROHS standards

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